Re-evaluating the Four Year Term

Elias Kotsis, Managing Editor

Our country revolves around change. In fact, we thrive off of change. In our history, if we were faced with a detrimental situation, we would change it. The economic depression of the 1930’s was saved when our country went into war overseas in Europe- that was a monstrous change, but it helped us. President Obama’s campaign in 2008 was won with that word: change. So why should a President get two terms? Don’t we need that change?

George Washington declined a third term of the presidency because he believed that two times was enough for any president. Only until after FDR’s four terms was a law passed that a president could only serve in office for two terms of four years each. But in retrospect, how long is four years? In terms of a country with a population of over 300 million citizens, four years is not enough time to make a significant change. If a person is elected to the presidency, he or she should get more than four years to make a difference. I know that there is a chance that he could be re-elected, but there is another problem.

A retrospection on the vast amount of effort spent on campaigning.

The process of re-election is pointless. The president should not have to worry for months if he is going to be re-elected or not. His top priority should be the security of this country. The re-election acts as a massive distraction, keeping the president from doing what he campaigned for in the first place. But who can blame the president for running for office again? Like I said, four years is not nearly enough time to accomplish what the president said he would. But what if we were to add a couple of years to that?

One six-year term for an elected president seems like the ideal situation. In this scenario, the president would have 50% more time than he would with one four-year term. A president that is only elected for one four-year term almost seems like a waste of time; what will he get done? With one six-year term, the president will not have to worry about the election again; he can focus on what really matters. While in office, the president should not have to worry about winning another election.What he should be concentrating on is the United States of America.