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The College Series: When Less is More

Campus of Colgate University

Danielle Curtis, Feature Editor

January 6, 2015

     As a senior who is in the middle of the college application process, I’m familiar with the whole routine. “So what colleges are you applying to?” casually slipped into conversation over Thanksgiving dinner followed by the looks of combined shock and horror on the faces of my relatives wh...

It’s Christmas and What you Should be is Present

Sydney Sapir, Staff Writer

December 23, 2014

It’s Christmas morning. Your plump, six-year-old fingers reach across mounds of boxes and bags, towards the one green and red present you’ve been dying to unwrap for a month now. You’ve spent all of this frosty December aching to peel back the edges of the enemy wrapping paper, to tear off the...

The College Series: Standardized Aptitude Test or Socio-Economic Test?

The College Series: Standardized Aptitude Test or Socio-Economic Test?

Danielle Curtis, Feature Editor

December 9, 2014

In theory, the idea of using standardized testing as a major factor in determining whether or not a student should be admitted into a university is a good idea, but that’s just the problem; it’s a good idea in theory. Realistically, there are some huge flaws with America’s favorite standardized...

What’s the Expiration on the Label?

What's the Expiration on the Label?

Elias Kotsis, Editor-in-Chief

October 28, 2014

No student should be perceived just from his or her label. What would that make me? “A nerd who writes for the newspaper” or “a theater kid?” What would that make some of my closest friends? “Jocky football players” or “band geeks?” They are so much more than that - everybody is. The use ...

ISIS—The Untold Story

ISIS—The Untold Story

Jake Lane, News Editor

October 1, 2014

The world is absolutely absurd. Take a look at current events that are being sensationalized in the news. From ISIS and the Ukrainian crisis to economic failures and catastrophic foreign policy decisions, the world is in turmoil. FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC will only tell you a fraction of the story. They ...

Alternatives to Four Year Universities

Alternatives to Four Year Universities

Kristin Middleton, Staff Writer

September 22, 2014

For many of my fellow seniors, college seems to be a buzzing insect, always hovering around the mind. In these days, it seems like you have no choice but to seek out a collegiate path or spend the rest of your years shackled to a fry cook position. Is it possible that the way to a fulfilling and lucrativ...


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Danielle Curtis, Feature Editor

September 14, 2014

On August 11th I was sitting among my friends in one of our backyards, passing around a bag of marshmallows to eat because we couldn’t find all of the supplies necessary for s’mores. At the time it seemed like any other summer evening, that’s when we heard the news; Robin Williams was dead. Im...

Save the Economy…without the Tea Party!

Save the Economy...without the Tea Party!

John Lane, Staff Writer

May 29, 2014

The United States has found itself at a crossroads between left and right wing agendas. Amid the mist of the struggle, a radical and deranged group has emerged. This group I am speaking of  is the Tea Party movement. Their conjectures are assembled around the idea that America should halt years of eco...

Lower Unemployment Rate: A Bad Thing?

Courtesy of Bureau of Economic Analysis National Income

Caroline Hsu, Asst. Editor In Chief

May 14, 2014

Ask just about anyone, and they'll tell you how terrible the American economy is nowadays, and how difficult it is for Americans to snag a job in the vicious jungle that is the job market. Is such pessimism warranted? After all, the unemployment rate decreased from 7% in January to about 6.6% in February....

Paying for College

Paying for college is becoming an increasing burden.

John Lane, Staff Writer

May 1, 2014

Let’s face it: paying for college could be an extremely difficult undertaking. These are not the days when our parents were young, and working hard could singlehandedly pay for tuition. The average net cost of attending university in New Jersey is over $33,000. In other words, that part-time job at...

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