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Thor: Not a Bore, But…

Thor: Not a Bore, But...

Luke Adelhoch, Entertainment Editor

December 8, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok had a rocky start. After a set of trailers that showed rather worrying signs of the film’s quality, my faith dwindled. And the hot streak of great Marvel films such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spiderman: Homecoming coming to an end with Ragnarok would be quite sad. And even though the t...

Pygmalion: A Preview

Pygmalion: A Preview

Camille Pugliese, Staff Writer

November 28, 2017

Middletown South’s fall drama, Pygmalion is quickly approaching. Pygmalion , written by George Bernard Shaw, illustrates both the rigid class structures as well as the idea that man is greater than woman in 20th century England. Don’t be confused by the title; it shares its name with a greek...

Screaming Eagles Host Band States at South

From left to right, Color Guard Captain Isabella Mingino, Junior Drum Major Grace McDonnell, Senior Drum Major Andrew King, Color Guard Captain Danielle Bellia.

Mary McIlvain, Reporter

November 16, 2017

On Saturday, November 4th, the Middletown South Screaming Eagle Marching Band took part in a new and exciting event: A state marching band competition. Never before has Middletown South hosted a marching band competition, so the news that our school would be hosting States took most members by surprise....

I was a witness – to Katy Perry’s latest tour!

I was a witness - to Katy Perry’s latest tour!

Avery Seldin, Staff Writer

November 15, 2017

Katy Cats rejoice! The famous pop star is on tour for her latest album, Witness. Bringing her classic style to the Prudential Center, Katy Perry gave her fans a show well-worth witnessing.

Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

Sara Ragab, Staff Writer

November 3, 2017

The air is crisp; the wind is chilly; and the leaves are colorful! It is finally fall! Arguably one of the best seasons, as it is not too hot and not too cold, there a number of seasonal things that many look forward to every year!

Worthwhile Aid Organizations in the Wake of Hurricane Maria

Worthwhile Aid Organizations in the Wake of Hurricane Maria

Anthony Palmeri, Staff Writer

November 2, 2017

No food, no water, and no power. All three are on the mind of every Puerto Rican after Hurricane Maria's Category 4 winds pummeled the island with sustained winds of over 155 mph. While the island slowly recovers from the hurricane, over 80% of Puerto Rican homes are still without power, a third are with...

Makeup Hauls…from the Dumpster?!

Makeup Hauls...from the Dumpster?!

Claire Blose, Reporter

October 23, 2017

For many people, makeup is an art; it is a hobby in which we invest our time and money. As makeup prices climb, more and more people are turning to less expensive options such as make-up from the drugstore. Some, however, are opting for a completely free alternative: dumpster diving. When a product is...

Salt Marshes, Seining and Seagulls

Salt Marshes, Seining and Seagulls

Maria Dragone, Managing Editor

October 20, 2017

On Friday, October 13th, students of AP Environmental Science went on a field trip to Sandy Hook National Park to learn about ecosystems and the various organisms living in the bay. Led by Ms. Matri and accompanied by Mr. Sullivan and Dr. Gargiulo, a group of about twenty students explored the bay and s...

Yes, Macklemore, let’s go to the thrift shop

Tons of shoes to choose from

Cassidy Cimino, Reporter

October 18, 2017

Nowadays it is easier than ever to participate in the current season’s fashion trends, and the best part is that it can be inexpensive as well. Through the art of second-hand shopping, fashion lovers can dabble in new styles while also eliminating high costs. Thrift stores and consignment shops offer...

Everything You Need to Know About the PSAT

Image courtesy of

Maria Dragone, Managing Editor

October 9, 2017

On October 11th, sophomores and juniors at South will be taking the PSATs. For some, it will be their first time taking the PSAT, and others will be veterans taking it for the second time. No matter how many times you’ve taken the test, there are two questions everyone is wondering- what are the PSAT...

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